Hotel San Vicente Galapagos
Av. Cormorant y Escalecias
Puerto Villamil, Ecuador
+593 22479362
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Hotel San Vicente Galapagos

WELCOME TO THE HOTEL SAN VICENTE GALAPAGOS Hotel San Vicente Galapagos is dedicated to provide the highest quality of service and comfort to each and every of its guests. We like to complement your visit to the Galapagos as perfect as possible. We are proud to say that Hotel San Vicente has become one of the most popular of the Galapagos hotels on Isabela Island, which we believe is due to our standard of excellence and personal commitment to our guests. From our Galapagos hotel you can arrange a variety of land tours that are sure to leave you breathless. The natural beauty of the islands will amaze you while you enjoy a comfortable and superior service from the friendly staff of our Hotel San Vicente Galapagos.