San Vicente Galapagos Hotel.
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Antonio Gil Jaramillo descendant of one of the first families of settlers who arrived from Guayaquil to the beautiful beaches of Isabela Island in Galapagos, 20 years ago launched the wonderful task of providing accommodation, meals, and excursions for the visitors who arrived in the remote Island.

This fascinating island shelter most of the species that exist in the Galapagos Islands as penguins, flamingos, blue sharks, endemic Galapagos Sharks, Blue-footed boobies, sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, and a great variety of marine life as well as one of the largest active volcanoes of the islands, the Sierra Negra Volcano.

Nowadays, Hotel San Vicente Galapagos has become the most important hotel in Isabela Island, offer accommodation in Isabela Island since it has its own tourism operation in the island and also it has expanded its operation to San Cristobal Island, Floreana Island and Santa Cruz Island with its diverse programs of combined land-based tours (Galapagos Island Hopping / Land Tours).

Hotel San Vicente Galapagos is the owner of L/P Oceano speedboat with the capacity for 14 passengers; a van with a capacity for 16 passengers, a “Chiva” for 10 passengers and 32 proper horses for the visit to Sierra Negra Volcano.

At Hotel San Vicente Galapagos we’ve done everything to ensure that you spend great nights with us! With the capacity for 48 guests accommodated in 17 comfortable rooms, with the following distribution: