• “You rarely see a hotel that suits its surroundings so perfectly. Most of the public areas are half outside, and the whole place is almost like a kind of treehouse arrangement. There is a nice big courtyard with trees and canopies to sit in the evenings, and a jacuzzi pool that can be used if you ask in advance. Really lovely looking little hotel.”

    Long-Distance-Cole - Single Room

    “During our far to short visit to Galapagos in May 2016 we stayed 3 nights in this nice clean hotel. The hotel is very close to several restaurants, shops and the beach. And do not forget the pink bar which was adviced by the friendly staff.
    We had breakfast, lunch and diner and the food was good. We made several trips during our stay and all of them were great thanks to guide Ricardo and hotel managing lady Natalia. For our last diner she asked us what would we like to eat. So we said Pizza (just for fun). And when we came back from our Tintareros adventure they served Pizza.
    Muchos Gracias Natalia”

    Huub J - Double Room